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Impressive recovery

May 31, 2013


  99.95% of Minnesota was experiencing drought last fall, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor (Drought), which updates drought conditions weekly. Their October 9, 2012 update showed 47.38% of Minnesota in either severe or extreme drought:

 oct drought

  Generous winter and early spring snows, followed by frequent rains, erased the drought over most of Minnesota. The latest drought update shows only 19.72% of Minnesota experiencing drought. Moderate drought still covers parts of southwestern Minnesota and a small portion of northwestern Minnesota. Even more impressive, only 3.15% of Minnesota (in the SW) is seeing serious drought right now:

may drought

  Our soggy spring has farmers, gardeners and landscapers hoping for a stretch of dry weather. I finally see a window of opportunity to mow my lawn…gotta go.

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