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February might take the crown

February 25, 2013


   What month has been the snowiest in the Twin Cities this winter? If you said February, you’re right!  Our total sits at 15.1 inches this month, edging out the 15 inches measured at MSP airport in December. We had only 4.6 inches in January.

    We still have March to get through, and March is our third-snowiest month, averaging 10.2 inches (1981-2010) according to the MN State Climatology Office (snow). 

   It’s rare for February to be the snowiest month of winter in the Twin Cities…it hasn’t happened since the winter of 2006-2007. Looking back at the past 30 winters, our snowiest month has been:

December… 8 times (including the past 5 winters)

January… 7 times

March… 5 times

November… 5 times

February… 3 times

April… 2 times

   April won the snowiest month of “winter” title back in 1983 (21.8 inches) and also in 2002 (20.2 inches). In 1983 we witnessed a 13.6 inch snowstorm on April 14th. April 2002 didn’t bring us any double-digit snowstorms, but an impressive 5.5 inches fell on April 27th. That was just three days after we enjoyed temperatures in the 60s…talk about confused robins! If you need more snow stats, you can see an extensive listing of monthly Twin Cities snowfall totals at MSPsnow.

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