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A return to Minnehaha Falls

September 11, 2012




  I checked out Minnehaha Falls yesterday. I’m not sure that it qualifies as a “falls” right now…it’s more of a “trickle”. Here’s how it looks: 

                                  (Left-click on pic for detailed view) 

    It looked a lot different on May 6th:

  In May, the water gushing over the falls and splashing down below was pleasantly loud. Now it’s strangely quiet.

  Why no falls? We’ve seen very little rain the past six weeks, so water flow in Minnehaha Creek is extremely low, almost non-existent. Our dry spell has also dropped water levels on Lake Minnetonka, so Gray’s Bay Dam was closed around August 20th  (, and water is no longer being released into Minnehaha Creek.

  Generous rains will return eventually, and our familiar Minnehaha Creek and Minnehaha Falls will also return. In the meantime, bring a camera if you visit Minnehaha Falls…it doesn’t look like this very often!

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