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The heat is gone

September 5, 2012


We topped out at 92 degrees in the Twin Cities on Tuesday. Our Labor Day high was also 92. We’ve hit 90 degrees or warmer on 30 days this year. Here’s the breakdown, month by month:

    Month    Days 90 or warmer

      May              2

     June              8

      July            14

      Aug.             4

      Sep.             2

  On average, we see a high temperature of 90 or warmer on 13 days per year in the Twin Cities. Our 30 days of 90 or warmer this year is impressive, but it’s nowhere near a record. The Twin Cities record is a whopping 44 days, set back in 1988. I remember that summer well, since I had no air-conditioning in my house!

  Cooler temps have arrived, and I don’t see us returning to 90 anytime soon. You can impress your friends with this weather nugget: our latest 90 degree reading in the Twin Cities was on October 10th, in 1928.

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