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Historic July warmth

July 31, 2012

  We made weather history today. Our temperature topped 80 degrees, making this the first July in Twin Cities history with a high temperature of 80 degrees or warmer on all 31 days!

  Our air conditioners and fans have been working overtime. Only one July (in records going back to 1873) had a higher average monthly temperature, which is the average of all the daily high temperatures and low temperatures. Our Twin Cities July 2012 average temperature of 80.2 degrees is second only to the 81.4 degrees posted in 1936. Here are the four warmest Julys in Twin Cities history, courtesy of the Minnesota State Climatology Office:

  Rank   Avg.temp.   Year

      1.        81.4 ….. 1936

      2.        80.2 ….. 2012

      3.        79.9 ….. 1935

      4.        79.6 ….. 2006

   The Minnesota State Climatology Office has posted ( a list of our ten warmest Julys.  Another impressive stat: we’ve hit 90 degrees or warmer at MSP airport on 24 days this year. On average, we reach 90 degrees or warmer on only 13 days per year. The record was 44 days of 90 degrees or warmer, set back in 1988. I remember that summer!

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