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Rain at last

July 24, 2012

   I was beginning to wonder if the rain would ever come. Late June was very dry, and the few significant rains that developed this July had an annoying habit of missing my Minnetonka house. It was getting almost comical…a drenching rain hit downtown Minneapolis at the start of the Basilica Block Party in early July, but only a few drops fell at my house that day. Over eight-tenths of an inch fell at MSP airport last Wednesday, while I saw only a few light showers at my place. My localized dry spell ended last night. The rainfall total overnight into early this morning was almost two inches! That’s by far the biggest rain at my house in the past five weeks. The parts of my lawn that I haven’t been watering are coming back to life. It’s great to see green again!

  Sometimes it comes in handy to be a meteorologist. After looking at the forecast models yesterday, I decided not to do any lawn watering, saving myself some time and money. My forecasting experience also came into play last Sunday, when my girlfriend and I joined another couple for boating on White Bear Lake. It was sprinkling when we arrived at their house, and they wondered if we should change our plans. I promised them that the sprinkles would end by the time we got to the lake, and that we’d have some sunshine by afternoon. It worked out great…they said that they’d be calling me for forecasts in the future!

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