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Hottest July

July 12, 2012

  We’ve seen several hot and steamy days this July. The Twin Cities average high of 98.2 degrees from July 1 through July 6 was the warmest ever recorded for those dates. As I mentioned last week, we hit 100 degrees or warmer twice in early July…that’s notable because the last time that we hit 100 degrees or greater more than once in the same year was 1988.

  It’s been hotter. According to the Minnesota State Climatology Office, the record for most days with 100 degrees or greater is nine, in 1936 ( ). There was a stretch from July 6 through July 14 of 1936 when we topped 100 degrees on eight of nine days. Here are those official Twin Cities highs from 1936:

              High (1936)

July   6    104

July   7    101 

July   8    101

July   9      96

July 10    106

July 11    106

July 12    106

July 13    105

July 14    108

  Keep in mind, home air conditioning was virtually non-existent in 1936. Some Twin Citians sought relief from the heat by sleeping along the shores of city lakes. Others sought relief in movie theaters, which had primitive air conditioning systems.

  Warm temperatures are expected through this weekend, but we aren’t likely to hit 100 in the Twin Cities. And I should mention rain…we need some rain for our lawns and farm fields. We have “rain opportunities” later this afternoon, tonight and Friday, and we could see some thunderstorms. A passing shower or storm is also possible on Saturday. Have a great weekend!

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