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The big melt

March 6, 2012

  We hit 60 degrees in the Twin Cities today. That wasn’t close to the record high of 69 degrees for this date, which was set twelve years ago, but it felt great. Morning satellite pictures showed mostly bare ground south of the Twin Cities, so today’s sunshine and southerly breezes led to soaring temperatures.

  Our modest Twin Cities snowcover shrank quite a bit today, and you could see water dripping from roofs and running along curbs. By afternoon, Lake Harriet had a layer of water sitting atop the ice:

                    (Left click on the picture for a larger view)

  Does this mean that winter is over? Most Minnesotans know that it’s too early to make that call. Our season snowfall sits at 22.1 inches in the Twin Cities, which is only about 50% of normal to date. On average, we see about nine inches of snow after March 6th. No big snows are in sight, but temperatures will be cooler the next few days. A return to the 50s is expected this weekend.

  You won’t be able to mow your lawn or plant your garden anytime soon…but if you really want to catch Spring fever you could head out to the Como Park Conservatory. Once there, you can walk through the warm and humid Fern Room, then on to the Sunken Garden. I’ll finish with a picture of the Sunken Garden, taken last Sunday:


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