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A January of small snows

January 29, 2012

    On average, January is the snowiest month of the year in the Twin Cities.  Our average monthly snow total for January is 13.5 inches. Through Saturday, our total this January was a meager 4.6 inches. The largest snowfall on any single day this month was the 1.9 inches that accumulated last Monday morning.  Last January we saw plenty of snow…17 inches was our total here in the Twin Cities.
    Our official Twin Cities snow depth on Saturday morning was one inch, but I saw many large patches of brown grass in my travels around the metro area. Here’s how it looked near the clubhouse (winter ski chalet) at Como Golf Course:

   It’s a good thing that they can make snow for the skiers and snowboarders at Como. There were plenty of people enjoying the snow-covered hill:

   You can left-click on the pictures for a larger view.

    We’ll probably see a bit of snow tonight (Sunday night) into very early Monday, but no big snowstorms are expected over the next few days. Our wimpy winter continues.


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