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Record tied, not broken

January 19, 2012

    We just missed setting a new record for the latest initial dip below zero in a Twin Cities winter. A few minutes before midnight on Wednesday January 18th, the temperature at MSP airport dipped to one below zero.  If we hadn’t taken that slight temperature dip,  January 19th would have been the new record. Tying the old record is still pretty impressive, but it sure would have been fun to set a new record!.
    Here are the updated rankings for latest initial below zero readings in the Twin Cities, based on data provided by the Minnesota State Climatology Office :

Twin Cities First Below Zero Temperature: 1872-2012 Winters
 Rank,  Season,  First Below Zero date
1)  2011-12  January 18
1)  2001-02  January 18
1)  1888-89  January 18
4)  1954-55  January 16
5)  1881-82  January 14
6)  2002-03  January 11
6)  1974-75  January 11
6)  1913-14  January 11
9)  1877-78  January 4
10) 1969-70  January 2

   If Thursday is too cold for you, hang in there, temperatures rebound nicely this weekend.


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