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White Christmas?

December 3, 2011

    Meteorologists are used to hearing one question this time of year: “Will we have a White Christmas?”  Some snow is expected this weekend, but Christmas is still about three weeks away.  In weather circles, a “White Christmas” is usually defined as one inch or more of snowcover on Christmas morning.

   The Minnesota State Climatology Office has compiled information on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day snowcover and snowfall.  Their records show that we have a White Christmas in the Twin Cities about 72% of the time.  The last time we did not have a White Christmas in the Twin Cities was 2006.  Last year, our snowcover measured a whopping 19 inches in the Twin Cities on Christmas morning.  You can see Christmas snowcover and snowfall info for the Twin Cities and for many other spots in Minnesota at    I hope you enjoy this holiday season!

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