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Thanksgiving Weather

November 23, 2011

      We’re in for a very mild Thanksgiving.  I’ve looked at all the weather models, and this forecast is a slam dunk.  Sometimes you hear and see various forecasts from different media outlets. This time, it won’t matter if you watch Belinda Jensen, Chris Shaffer, or Dave Dahl  … you will hear that our Thanksgiving weather will be awesome in Minnesota and western Wisconsin.  Our average high temperature in the Twin Cities this time of year is in the mid 30s.  We’re expecting a high temperature in the 50s this Thanksgiving.   A Thanksgiving high of 50 degrees or greater has happened only 9 times in the past 120 years in the Twin Cities, according to the MN State Climatology Office.  Their records also show that we’ve seen measureable snow on 25 Thanksgivings in the past 120 years.  In 1970 the Twin Cities saw 5 inches of new snow…I bet that messed up some travel plans!  Here’s a link to the MN Climatology Office Thanksgiving weather records:

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